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Pastoral Intervention

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSA) 

Mixed Martial Arts at Manchester Top Team Gym (MTT)


This intervention is intended to provide top quality coaching in Mixed Martial Arts as well as discipline, respect and teamwork. Our pupils will have an opportunity to learn a new skill whilst developing their confidence and social skills.

Visit https://www.manchestertopteam.com/ for more details.


Noah’s ART

These sessions are designed to improve students’ mental wellbeing and promote mindfulness and relaxation. The presence of the animal acts as a bridge or motivator for the individual to participate in therapy-based activities with a qualified professional. There are emotional, behavioural, social, physical and cognitive benefits to animal assisted therapy.

Visit https://www.noahs-art.co.uk/ for more details.

Real Love Rocks

Real Love Rocks is a ground-breaking education and awareness raising programme developed by Barnardo’s Safer Futures Trauma Services. Promoting children and young people’s rights to healthy, consensual and safe relationships with peers, partner, their family and across their community is at the heart of this.

Visit https://www.barnardosrealloverocks.org.uk/ for more details 

Drawing and Talking Therapy

Drawing and Talking is a therapeutic intervention for children and adults. It is designed as a short-term pro-active intervention intended to complement, rather than replace, the work of Specialist Mental Health Services. Through a 12-week cycle of sessions this non-intrusive tool allows children and young people to bring what they need to their sessions. Utilising drawing as a way to help them express their feelings differently in ordinary verbal language. The Drawing and Talking therapeutic approach allows individuals to discover and communicate emotions through a non-directed technique. This is what sets Drawing and Talking apart from existing solution-focused and cognitive based therapies and interventions.

Visit https://drawingandtalking.com/ for more details.

Off The Record Counselling

Off The Record is an external counselling service that provides one-to-one counselling, play-based therapy and peer support programmes delivered by qualified and experienced counsellors. They cover a wide range of issues facing young people today, including:

  • Bullying/Cyberbullying
  • Stress
  • Exam pressure
  • Family breakdowns
  • Bereavement
  • Transition
  • Anger
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Self-Harm
  • Anxiety
  • Self Esteem
  • Confidence
  • School exclusion
  • Substance misuse

Visit http://www.otr-tameside.org/  for more details.