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Our pupils travel to school via different methods of transport; some are independent travellers, some are brought by their parents/carers and some use home-school transport which is arranged by the Local Authority in which they live.

The drivers and escorts who travel with the pupils play a valuable role in ensuring they enter school happy and healthy. They build up fantastic relationships with the children and their families, and ensure transport to and from school is a really enjoyable and comfortable experience.

If you think your child is entitled to the home-school transport service you should contact your Local Authority. They will inform you of the steps you need to take and they also make the final decision on whether transport will be provided or not. Samuel Laycock School does not manage home-school transport although we do work in liaison with local authorities to resolve any issues that may arise.

On arrival all pupils are greeted by a member of staff who will escort them to their form room. At home time your child will return to this room and stay with class tutors until transport is prepared and ready, your child is then escorted to reception where they are met by their escort for the return journey home.

For pupils being dropped off and picked up by parents/carers, we request that reception is informed of their arrival in the morning and that you wait at the end of the school day for your child to be brought to you.

Tameside Integrated Transport Unit (ITU)





Contact Number:

0161 342 – 2717 / 3691/ 3212

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