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Year 8 Trip to George Street Chapel


On Tuesday, 8C, 8P and 8SW visited George Street Chapel as part of our ongoing Victorians topic in humanities. 

Year 8 Trip to George Street Chapel


During the visit, our pupils had the opportunity to engage in various interactive activities that aimed to provide a hands-on experience of life during the Victorian era. These activities included the following: 

1.       Pupils learned about the laborious process of washing clothes during Victorian times. They had the chance to observe and participate in a live demonstration of how clothing was washed, scrubbed, and wrung out. 

2.       Pupils explored the underground cellars below the chapel and learned about the different trades that took place there during the Victorian era. This allowed them to gain insight into the working conditions of that time. 

3.       They were immersed in a replica Victorian schoolroom, where they experienced the strict discipline and teaching methods of the era. This activity provided a valuable insight into the educational practices of the Victorians. 

4.       Children had the opportunity to visit the main chapel room and learn about the importance of religion during the Victorian period. They experienced the atmosphere of the chapel and gained knowledge about its historical and cultural significance.

In addition to these interactive activities, our students participated in various workshop sessions, which aimed to enhance their understanding and creativity, such as peg doll creations, chapel investigation and writing with ink and quills.

Overall, the visit to George Street Chapel was immensely valuable in deepening our pupils' understanding of the Victorian era. They had the opportunity to engage in interactive and immersive activities that brought history to life.