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Super Learning Day

On Wednesday 20th April the children had great fun taking part in a Super Learning Day where they learnt all about Humanism, a non-religious worldview or a non-religious approach to life. The children learned that Humanists believe it is possible to lead a good, happy, and meaningful life without the need for religion. 

Super Learning Day


The activities were delivered by the Samuel Laycock pathways, who were able to demonstrate the skills they have developed in their lessons. 

The children took part in balloon volleyball and other teamwork activities, where they had great fun inside being led by Sports Pathway pupils. Unfortunately, due to the weather the orienteering could not take place, however Ms Gibbs has set up the course and has everything needed so the children will be able to do this fun, exciting activity at a later date. 

Classes had the opportunity to decorate buns with the Happy Human symbol made from icing. The Food Tech Pathway were able to simplify the symbol and provide the buns and icing. 

The Living Skills Pathway conducted ‘the Trial’ giving evidence about a crime where the children had to decide which witnesses provided good evidence. This activity links to the Humanist belief that science provides all the answers and people should ask questions, think carefully and look at the evidence. 

The final activity allowed children to appreciate the Humanist belief that we should all take care of the Earth and it’s animals, together with the Horticulture Pathway, they planted pollinator seeds that will be transferred to a wild flower area in the school grounds. 

We finished our day with an assembly which started with the Performing Arts Pathway who showed us how to ‘Treat everyone as we wish to be treated’ the Humanist Golden Rule and the Communications classes showing us the ‘Signs of the week’. 

What a fabulous day, demonstrating Samuel Laycock RESPECT values of Humanism, captured by photos and a fantastic news report from our Digital Pathway, including quotes from famous Humanists such as John Lennon and Martin Luther King.